Before I started my Divemaster course on Crete last summer, I went on holiday to the Philippines. That year one of my favorite spel show went there as well, so I already knew what I wanted to see. I will tell about some amazing things I saw there in another blog, but today I wanna tell […]

Special bond..

Last week I got to teach two courses.. One ‘Scuba Diver Course’ and one ‘Open Water Diver Course’. And after the course the goodbye of my students was really friendly.. And I was sorry that they left.. And that’s what’s really special about giving diving courses, the connection that you make with your students.. And […]


I love water! Most of all to dive into.. And than find out what an amazing world there is beneath the surface.. It is like with ‘Finding Nemo’, the fish and other sea creatures are actually living beneath the surface. There are the most amazing colors in the coral.. There are all kinds of different […]