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  • History..


    Mallorca is not only a fantastic island for biking and diving, but it also has a great history.. And you can really see it when you cycle around with beautiful places as Petra, Capdepeira, Felanitx and Arta.. Arta is a rural town in the north east of Mallorca.. And it is only 6km from Son […]

  • Diving..
  • Challenge..


    I love a challenge.. Especially to challenge myself.. So since July last year I did, I wanted to become a dive professional.. And during all the education I always doubted myself.. What if.. But I did all the courses and always perfect, or at least really good, according to my instructors.. I started, of course, with […]

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  • Walking Mallorca..


    Mallorca is not only a great island for biking you can hike really  good as well.. Last weekend I went to Cala Mesquida, with a friend, and there was the start what turnt out to be a really nice walk.. We started the morning in Cala Mesquida when there was enough place to park the car.. […]

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  • Great adventures..


    I’m such a lucky girl.. This weekend my best friend came to visit me and of course we went biking.. And as always when we’re together it is one big adventure.. It started with the bike renting, there was a really nice polish guy who couldn’t believe we wanted to rent a road bike.. The […]

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  • Blue..


    Don’t you think that the big blue ocean is the most beautiful thing in the world.. There is so much more to explore if you can go under the surface.. And than there it is, around every corner.. The big and blue ocean.. And I get to be under the surface every day.. How lucky […]

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  • Cycling heaven..


    I love Mallorca.. It is such a beautiful Island.. And I get the chance to discover it for the next couple of months.. Sometimes I hardly believe it is true.. But it is, I’m here in the cycling heaven.. Because that’s what it is.. And that’s what I do on my day of.. Discovering Mallorca by […]

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  • Exiting week..


    Well what a week.. I’m here for two and a half week now and it already feels like it’s been a month.. So much has happened and every day is different.. And of course I wouldn’t be Joyce if with all the new things.. Well I forgot some things.. I went for the dive for […]