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  • Sunrise..


    As I’m am I’m sitting on the balcony watching another amazing sunrise.. That’s what I’ve been doing the last two weeks.. Getting up in the morning, fixing my coffee, grab my blankie (the mornings are getting colder) and watching the sunrise.. It’s quite an amazing morning ritual.. And everyday it is completely different.. Sometimes the […]

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  • Palma de Mallorca..


    You can’t leave Mallorca if you have not visited the main city, Palma the Mallorca. Even if you just want to stroll around there is one thing you certainly must do, and that is visiting the cathedral.. This is one of the most impressive cathedrals I’ve ever seen. Features of the interior design are from […]

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  • Markets..


    That Mallorca has this beautiful cities I already told in my last blog.. But in this cities with all the narrow streets they have this amazing markets.. I already got the pleasure to visit two of them.. The one in Felanitx, which has a lot of touristic stalls, but in the townhall they sell this beautiful […]

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  • Special bond..


    Last week I got to teach two courses.. One ‘Scuba Diver Course’ and one ‘Open Water Diver Course’. And after the course the goodbye of my students was really friendly.. And I was sorry that they left.. And that’s what’s really special about giving diving courses, the connection that you make with your students.. And […]

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  • History..


    Mallorca is not only a fantastic island for biking and diving, but it also has a great history.. And you can really see it when you cycle around with beautiful places as Petra, Capdepeira, Felanitx and Arta.. Arta is a rural town in the north east of Mallorca.. And it is only 6km from Son […]

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  • Challenge..


    I love a challenge.. Especially to challenge myself.. So since July last year I did, I wanted to become a dive professional.. And during all the education I always doubted myself.. What if.. But I did all the courses and always perfect, or at least really good, according to my instructors.. I started, of course, with […]

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  • Walking Mallorca..


    Mallorca is not only a great island for biking you can hike really  good as well.. Last weekend I went to Cala Mesquida, with a friend, and there was the start what turnt out to be a really nice walk.. We started the morning in Cala Mesquida when there was enough place to park the car.. […]

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  • Great adventures..


    I’m such a lucky girl.. This weekend my best friend came to visit me and of course we went biking.. And as always when we’re together it is one big adventure.. It started with the bike renting, there was a really nice polish guy who couldn’t believe we wanted to rent a road bike.. The […]