About me biking..

I can remember the first time I road on a roadbike it was with my little brother, although he’s┬ánot so little anymore.. It was the old bike of my parents I think, it was way to big, but it looked kinda cool.. It was a really old fashioned one.. I road for almost a year, got a lot of compliments from man I ran along during biking.. But in the end my back did hurt, so I decided to buy my own bike.. Just a starters model, not to expensive but fine.. It was a Trek road bike and I loved it.. Still loving it, because I just can’t sell it.. Just can’t.. I road this bike over 10000 km and then I decided that I wanted another bike.. And I needed a bike with certain specifics.. Now you all think it needed to be full carbon, really nice shifting gear, and so on.. But no.. No, no, no.. It needed to be black, black and some kind of cheerful colour.. And that colour became pink.. So now I’m traveling the world with the love of my live.. My trek Silque SL..

And we do a lot together, most of the time we spent 6 to 10 hours a week together.. We ride together with the guys from Snel Verzet Hoogland.. We do rides together.. Or with one of my best friends and the love of her live.. (which isn’t a bike..)

I you’d like to follow me that’s possible on Strava.. You can see what me and my love are doing all week..