Zelf doen..

Ik denk dat iedereen dit herkent in iemand of misschien wel in zichzelf: “Nee ik kan dat best wel zelf, ik heb geen hulp nodig!” Ook ik herken deze eigenschap in alle dingen die ik doe. Het liefste zou ik alles volledig helemaal zelf doen of het nu om het schrijven van een werkstuk van […]

Bein dragged

Yesterday I was out on my bike. We were with a group of Scottish guys and Paul, Ian and Andy. A lot of funny guys anyway.We came up out of a rout from Can Picaford and Paul said, you can do that climb Andy You will pick us up on the way to Manacor. The […]

Christmas Markets…

Every year I trie to visit a Christmas Market in Germany. There have their own special atmosphere, that really fits to this time of the year. All those tiny wooden houses, with the shops with all those typical German things. Wooden Christmas decorations, the nativity scenes and the Christmas ornaments. But also really nice handcrafted […]