Bein dragged

Yesterday I was out on my bike. We were with a group of Scottish guys and Paul, Ian and Andy. A lot of funny guys anyway.We came up out of a rout from Can Picaford and Paul said, you can do that climb Andy You will pick us up on the way to Manacor. The next question was, anyone wanna join.. And of course I went after him. What followed was a nice climb and after that being dragged by Andy.

I love being dragged, I’m use to riding wither stronger guys and women than me, for me it is normal to tag along and concentrate only on the wheel in front of me. Paddling and being nothing but that wheel. It is one of the ways I can challenge myself. One of the ways I can get my heart rate up and sometimes you just have to to get that heart rate up.

So I had one hell of a ride, it was so good: sun, a nice wheel in front of me and just keep spinning. I tis like Dory said in finding Nemo. Just keep s(w/p)i(mm/nn)ing. And that’s the best feeling when you’re on your bike!!!

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