Like coming home..

Last week I had a terrible flu, was in bed for three days. You may think that’s horrible but everything I could do was sleep. I didn’t bike, for a whole week. But today, for the first time since seven days, I biked again. I just took the bike and went out for a beautiful ride. It felt like coming home. Not just that I was on the bike again, but I was on a bike in Mallorca, beautiful Mallorca! I biked the roads I know from last summer and instantly fell in love with the Island, all over again. This Island is made for cycling, for me: the weather, the roads, the people, everything. I went out for 1 1/2 hour and just took some roads I know, I climbed a bit, recognized a lot and even found a new road. I am ready for the next week, enjoying nice rides with old friends!

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  1. Back on track! Nice.

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