Before I started my Divemaster course on Crete last summer, I went on holiday to the Philippines. That year one of my favorite spel show went there as well, so I already knew what I wanted to see. I will tell about some amazing things I saw there in another blog, but today I wanna tell you about the diving on the Philippines and that is amazing!

First my brother and I went to Palawan, here you can do wreck diving at the Coron wrecks. It is amazing the ships that are lying on the bottom of the ocean. Before you go diving is it nice to know something about the history of how the wrecks got there.

Between The Battle of the Philippine Sea, June 19th and 20th 1944, and The Battle of Leyte Gulf, October 23rd to 26th 1944, the Japanese attempted to reinforce their forces occupying the Philippines. For divers, Coron’s history started on 24 September 1944 when a US Navy strike force of fighters and dive bombers attacked a Japanese supply fleet of up to 24 ships, at anchor, in Coron Bay and around Busuanga Island. If you wanna know more about the history you can read it here.. 

The ships lay between 25 and 40 meters and as an experienced wreck diver you can also penetrate the wrecks. The visibility is amazing, between 7 and 40 meters. Next to that you also have this amazing chorals, beautiful fish. Even if you’re not a diver and you just snorkel it is amazing to spot some really nice fish and chorals. An amazing place to visit!!

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