Light my way..

It is a challenge, plan the biking around my live. And I don’t have any work yet. So I am really curious when my new job starts, but we’ll see. Right now I don’t have a problem with getting up early and biking in the dark. If you bike really early and start in the dark you get this amazing sunrise, the orange and pink just shine at me!! But even before the sunrise the sky has this amazing blue color. And sometimes when you are by yourself in the polder and there are no lights at all you can see the stars shining. And that is rare in the Netherlands with all the lights that are shining in every city!

But when you’re up that early then you do need light and not just any light. Because you can’t find the road when you don’t have a good light. So that’s why I bought a Lezyne Microdrive 400XL light. A light on a battery because I only need it like one hour in the morning, but I really need it to find the road.  I used it a couple of times now and I am really a fan of it, it has different kind of settings. One really bright one that works for one hour, but even when it is really dark you don’t need such a bright light. And with all the other settings it even shines longer. It is really easy to charge with the USB, and you can just use the charger of your phone or any port on you computer to plug it in.

I bought mine at Futurumshop a great webshop for all your cycling gear. And the service is amazing, if you order it you have it at home the next day. And if you have a question you get answer within a day. If you wanna bike as much as I do than you just need a good light. And this one is amazing..

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