Forget about the world..

My head’s filled with so many things and there’s only one way to get out of it.. Biking! Going out and that’s what I did today. I went out andĀ forgot about the world. Not thinking about the end of the school year that is getting nearer and that I don’t have a job next year. […]

Friendship on a bike..

Cycling everyday hasn’t come easy, but I did made it till now.. And that has not only to do with me, but with the amazing people I met when riding my bike. There are the guys of the cycling club that I can join every Tuesday and Thursday night. It makes it easy to go, […]


And than your back in the Netherlands and you’re back in Autumn or even winter again. Rain, hail, clouds and frost. It was quite a shock after the nice feelings of spring on Mallorca. But even when it’s raining you just go outside, because when you’re cycling everyday the weather really doesn’t matter. You just […]