Royal Park live..

Yesterday I was at the concert in Royal Park, Soestdijk palace.. I loved the ambience and atmosphere.. There were a lot of food trucks so you could have your own pick nick in the park.. So we did with the four of us.. Mat nine the concert started.. We were right in front of the […]


I love water! Most of all to dive into.. And than find out what an amazing world there is beneath the surface.. It is like with ‘Finding Nemo’, the fish and other sea creatures are actually living beneath the surface. There are the most amazing colors in the coral.. There are all kinds of different […]

Eldenaer Jazz Evenings..

Yesterday I went with my brother to the first of the the two Eldenaer Jazz Evenings.. And it was really nice.. Especially the atmosphere from the ruins of the monastery. The concert was in the former church.. The first concert was really heavy jazz. I still don’t understand the beeps and the a harmonic sounds.. […]