Tourist in my own country..

The day I’m leaving is coming awfully close.. Tomorrow actually.. And since I wanted to have a proper goodbye with all of┬ámy friends I have been meeting them this last week and a half.. And because it is really nice to do and see nice things together I visited some nice tourist spots here in the Netherlands.. Which you should do sometimes.. Skip Amsterdam and visit some other city’s you’ll be amazed what you find..

For example last week I went to ‘Den Bosch’, but it’s also called ’s Hertogenbosch, when you’re a big chique. And it was really nice. In the morning we ate ‘Bosche bollen’ because it was my friends birthday and you just have to do that.. Than we took a stroll through the city, which is beautiful and old and has a really nice centre. And because Den Bosch has a lot of water, what’s not visible when you walk across town, we took a boat ride. And it is amazing how they build houses en streets just over the water.

And then my mother and me decided to get to know our home town a little better.. So we went out en took pictures all day. Especially at ‘Het nieuwe Eemplein’ because normally we just go their for our weekly shopping. It was nice, we saw a lot of pokemon catchers on the bridge, had a lovely beer and took a good look at our library. And that’s a special building.. Than we took al walk through the inner city, saw some idyllic houses, really old with flowers and had an amazing goodbye dinner with one of my moms best friends..

And just because it is really cool.. The picture of the canal tour got nominated by @visitbrabant as best picture of the week..

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