Exiting week..

Well what a week.. I’m here for two and a half week now and it already feels like it’s been a month.. So much has happened and every day is different.. And of course I wouldn’t be Joyce if with all the new things.. Well I forgot some things.. I went for the dive for my first Open Water Course.. And I had to go alone.. All the packages (that’s how we call the diving equipment when ready for transfer) were in the car.. I also took the students, which comes in handy because they have to do the course.. At the dive site we start to unload everything.. And their I noticed.. No buoy, no oxygen and no holder for the car key.. So I had to go back to the dive school.. I learned the hard way not to forget things.. Luckily the owner wasn’t there.. So ge didn’t notice.. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened..

Actually it was quite a week.. And on top of it I got lost.. On the most busy day of the week.. I got lost.. Yesterday I went for a pick-up.. First I had to go to the hotel Safaripark to pick up two kids and their parents for a Discover Scuba Dive.. That went surprisingly well.. Than I had to go to another hotel, Sa Coma Playa.. When I drove away from Safaripark there was a sign for this hotel.. I followed it.. But after a few meters I lost the signs.. But than at one moment I saw the hotel in the distance, this wasn’t completely like the route description I got.. But I went there anyway.. It was really hard to find the entrance, I drove three times around the hotel.. Was looking every and started to get a bit stressed.. But eventually, with some help from the English customers, I found it.. But no guests.. In panic I called my boss.. “I can’t find the pick-ups”.. She said, well maybe there has been a mistake and they stay in Badia Park Hotel was her answer.. So I went back to the hotels that all belong to the Protur group to search for the customers.. As we are driving back the Englishman says, well there is also a Sa Coma Playa really near to our hotel.. So we kind of drove around and he showed me the way.. And we found it.. When I arrived I found some really relieved guest who were really happy there transfer was there.. And now, you never guess where the hotel was.. Just across the street of the first pick-up.. So I guess I won’t make that mistake again..

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