Walking Mallorca..

Mallorca is not only a great island for biking you can hike really  good as well.. Last weekend I went to Cala Mesquida, with a friend, and there was the start what turnt out to be a really nice walk.. We started the morning in Cala Mesquida when there was enough place to park the car.. Once we parked the car there was a really good sign were all of the routes were given in nice colors as pink and lavender and orange.. We decided to combine three routes.. The pink, orange and lavender one.. At first is was a bit hard to find the route.. But with a little help from the GPS we  found our way.. Through the high grass up hill.. It was really warm, but the view was amazing..At the top we enjoyed the view of Cala Agulla and Cala Mesquida.. The sea really blue and us in the shade of the marker of the highest point in the surroundings.. Then we started our hike down.. The smell of pine trees surrounding us.. Walking in the shade of that same trees.. We found the orange route, which turned out to be red, and then the purple which let us to a really nice and deserted stone beach.. We found a little bit of shade and stayed there for a while before we started our hike, with the nice smell of pine trees, back.. Once arrived back at the car we decided to have lunch in the beautiful Capdepera.. A city build around a castle, which we visited.. When I walked in I immediately got the feeling I got when walking around in Knossos when I was at Crete.. The heat, the stones and to see how old it was.. But also how it developed over the centuries.. From the top we could see the route we walked in the morning.. And we had a beautiful view over the city.. With all the yellow houses.. It was an amazing day of..


Once again me living here felt like a holiday!!

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