I love a challenge.. Especially to challenge myself.. So since July last year I did, I wanted to become a dive professional.. And during all the education I always doubted myself.. What if.. But I did all the courses and always perfect, or at least really good, according to my instructors.. I started, of course, with the Open Water Course.. First the pool and than the Open Water Dives.. And despite the 4 dives I hadn’t seen one fish.. But the excercises I did quite well, and I paid good attention to my buddy..Than I did 5 specialties to become an Advanced Open Water Diver.. That’s when I knew I wanted to become a Divemaster.. It took some time, eight years, but than I started my Rescue Diver and Divemaster Course last year on Crete.. I practiced my skills, did a lot of demo’s and learned a lot on Crete last year.. But I didn’t do a lot of fun diving.. And than in January my dream came true, I started my Instructor Development Course in the Netherlands.. But still no fun diving, in stead a lot of studying.. And I love it.. I learned a lot and every course was a big adventure.. After I finished the course in March I started teaching in the Netherlands.. Well I already started assisting in the courses but as of March I was allowed to teach myself.. And than I went to Mallorca.. Where I started in high season and did a lot of DSD’s and courses as well.. And than low season started.. And I had to guide a dive.. Guiding what’s that? I never had much fun dives in my diving career.. In my, more than 150 dives, maybe 20 were fun dives.. So how do you do that, that’s what I’m learning now.. And in spite of the nut in my stomach I asked to be on the boat.. Not the safe Open Water Course.. But the briefing and than guiding and finding my way underwater.. And in spite of all the thinking it went really good.. But maybe it isn’t in spite of the thinking but because of it.. With a little tension I always perform better!!

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