Special bond..

Last week I got to teach two courses.. One ‘Scuba Diver Course’ and one ‘Open Water Diver Course’. And after the course the goodbye of my students was really friendly.. And I was sorry that they left.. And that’s what’s really special about giving diving courses, the connection that you make with your students.. And it is true, it is really special that you can show someone a whole new world.. A new fantastic point of view (now I’m drifting of to Disney, so back to the diving..) And you are the person who is able to share this.. And it is exciting and new..¬†And that I can take part in it is amazing.. I love it when people, who at first seem a bit scared, change and just dive in.. The trust they place in you.. It keeps reminding me of the creed I read like many times in my instructor manual during my IDC..

As a scuba instructor I have the opportunity to see:

  • Fear changed to courage
  • Faintheartedness converted into accomplishment
  • Timidity transformed into confidence
  • Anticipation turned into passion

And the special thing about this is.. I recognize myself.. For me it was like that.. And I still remember my instructors.. From my ‘Open Water Course’ to my ‘Advanced Open Water Course’ and eventually the instructor of my IDC.. I will never forget them because they gave me this whole new world.. And I’d like to think that I can be like that to my students..

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