That Mallorca has this beautiful citiesĀ I already told in my last blog.. But in this cities with all the narrow streets they have this amazing markets.. I already got the pleasure to visit two of them.. The one in Felanitx, which has a lot of touristic stalls, but in the townhall they sell this beautiful food.. All local like cheese, and all kinds of vegetables, olives and all this amazing good looking things.. For a lunchbreak during your bike ride this is perfect.. You just buy you a really nice piece of goatcheese, some olives, really good looking peaches and some sun dried tomatoes and with some bread and a coffee from the local coffebar you gave the best lunch..

And I all ready told you about Arta, but as you go on Sunday you will find all the local people there selling there second hand stuff.. You find lot’s of clothes, beautiful wooden furniture, shoes and books.. It really ads a nice atmosphere to the tows..

If you want to visit a town and at a nice atmosphere it is definitely worth it to check when they have there local market day.. These are the markets I visited..

Son Servera – Friday

Arta – Sunday Second hand market

Felanitx – Sunday food and tourist market

If you wanna know more just check this website..

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