As I’m am I’m sitting on the balcony watching another amazing sunrise.. That’s what I’ve been doing the last two weeks.. Getting up in the morning, fixing my coffee, grab my blankie (the mornings are getting colder) and watching the sunrise.. It’s quite an amazing morning ritual.. And everyday it is completely different.. Sometimes the sun is shining behind the clouds and you have this amazing play of light.. Pink and a little bit of orange.. And all these amazing shapes in the clouds.. And if you are lucky there is a tiny hole in one of them and the sun just shines through it.. Some other days there aren’t any clouds, you see   the sun rise and then there is this beautiful reflection in the sea.. The reflection reaches all the way to the end of my balcony.. There are also days that there aren’t big clouds, but there is this fog in the distance.. The whole sky turns pink and really this is an amazing kind of pink..

And every morning I watch this until I see into the sun and when I look away I see twenty of them.. The light is just to bright to look into.. But one more memory of a beautiful sunrise in my mind!!

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