Cap de Formentor..

Two weeks ago my mom was on Mallorca to visit me.. And that gave me the opportunity to see the other site of the Island and it was amazing.. So different than the East side of the Island where I’m living.. You have this amazing cliffs, they just drop down.. Rocks and than the sea bellow.. And to get there you have to take this very steep and winding roads.. Every corner brings you to another amazing view..

I fell in love with this side of the Island instantly, and my mom and me took the road to Cap the Formentor.. This road is designed by the Italian Engineer Antonio Parrietti. If  you follow the road you see the most amazing bays as Cala Fiquera, Cala Murta and Cala Pi de la Posada..  If you make it all to the end you will find the lighthouse.. But this is only after  13,5km.. The road start in Port the Pollenca.. Once you’ve reach the lighthouse and you go back don’t forget to look down as you passed the first viewing point.. Because than you have the most amazing view on this Port.. And afterwards you can just enjoy a nice coffee in this port, in one of the beach bars..

But this road isn’t amazing just for the views, but also to cycle.. And we saw a lot of cyclists that day.. Going up with all of there strength.. Enjoying the adrenaline when there were at the top and the rush of going down.. A 13,5km ride where you can just go up and down and if you need to take a rest enjoy the view..

So if you are at Mallorca it is worth to make a visit to Cap the Formentor.. You will find a lot of nice sandy beaches, luxery hotels and beautifull bays. It is worth a visit if you are a daredevil who likes deep cliffs and driving winding roads.. And if you really like a challenge you take your bike and you bike all the way to the end of the road to the lighthouse of Cap de Formentor..

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