There’s a light..

Already five days of my challenge.. And I found out that some days it is a challenge to bike.. It is not only the biking that is a challenge, but to find the time that’s the real challenge.. At least it was this Wednesday.. A day of work form 10h tot 22h.. So that is why I got up early.. 6.30 I was out of my bed and 15 minutes later I was on my bike for a one hour ride.. But there was one thing I didn’t expect in the Netherlands.. There are no lights on the side of the road.. No street lamps to guide my way.. Just a dark cycling path..

But luckily I met Johan, a fellow biker.. And he had an amazing light.. So Johan lighted my way.. At least for a great part.. And now I’m all ready for my next ride.. Because now I have my own.. So no challenge when I want to bike early in the morning or late at night..

Let the game’s begin!!

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