Holidays are coming..

It is that time of the year again.. The time of the year you can put on your Christmas tree.. Burn candles.. And when you have one, sit in front of your fireplace.. Outside it’s dark and cold but inside you make it nice warm and cosy.. And as every December there is to much to do.. So is there ‘der Weihnachtsmarkt’  in Germany I want to visit.. I want to spent time with my family.. Decorate my home.. And then there are these amazing Christmas concerts.. And there are a lot.. Every harmony, symphony, band or even just a singer is doing their best to bring some christmas into your life.. And I love it.. Because I love Christmas songs..

That’s why I love to visit Christmas concerts.. And I don’t mind if it are amateurs or professionals.. Christmas songs are Christmas songs.. For example in my own hometown, the local harmony did a Christmas concert this weekend.. You can’t start early enough with the holiday feelings.. And ‘het Concertgebouw’ in Amsterdam has these amazing classical concerts this time of the year! And on the 23rd of December I sing with a local occasional choir in our city theatre… I’m really looking forward to this month.. Yesterday my Christmas feeling started when I got the opportunity to sing with the oldest musical club in my home town, Amersfoort. How amazing that 30 people are accompanying you, that you are carried by the band you are playing with. The joy they have on the stage.. The joy the people who are listening have.. And when you want you can even sing along!

If you really want to feel Christmas just do it.. Just visit a concert.. And to get you into the mood.. Here is a link to my Christmas song.. Enjoy!!




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