A loooot of mud..

I love to ride my bike everyday. There is one downside though, I keep cleaning my bike. With a little bit of rain the roads are so muddy. And than the salt they spread on the road. I just have to clean my bike several times a week. And since I live in an apartment that is quite a challenge. So I did some research about how to clean your bike. There are a lot of people who just go to the carwash or gasstation and wash there bikes there, but well I’m just to lazy for that.. I like to go home after a bike ride. So I did some more research and found out that other people just take their bikes into the shower. You wash yourself and your bike at the same time. But than I have to cary your bike up the stairs.  Not good for me. But certainly not for my bike. With the narrow staircase. Than I you can buy a lot of expensive tools to clean your bike, but I decided I wanna spent money on cycling clothing. Looking good is more important than tools. So I just bought a garden hose, connect in the shower and wash my bike on the balcony. After I rinsed it I clean it with a sponge as well and than rinse it again. Just with plain water. After I rinsed my bike, sometimes I take out the rear wheel to clean the cassette and than I clean my chain with a chain cleaner, or basically everything that takes of oil. Just look in your kitchen cabinet if you have some cleaning fluid. After that you oil your chain again and your done.

And all the time it takes is 10 minutes and I’m ready to hit the road again tomorrow!!

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