A gift..

Everyday I’m on my bike. Even when I don’t feel like going I’m going, because I made this promise to myself. Everyday for one year I’m gonna bike, it doesn’t matter if it is fast of slow. A really intens training of just a little bit of paddling around. One hour I’m on my bike! And until now the weather was so good that I could go outside everyday. And it has been a gift, being outside. Enjoying these amazing sunsets. Nature┬áchanging, every time I’m going out it looks different for so far I’ve had autumn leaves, snow, green grass and I love it! I want to take pictures the whole ride, because one view is more amazing than the next. Birds traveling south, cows in the meadow, endless roads and than the sun shining. In the morning when it is rising an amazing color of pink and orange. During the day this golden glow on everything. And the shades of the city in the distance of a tree really close by.

And than the fight with the elements, wind, rain, snow, mist, cold, storm and everyday the weather gives me a new challenge. Fighting against a terrible headwind, just riding into that horrible rain, but seeing the silver lining in the distance. The sun is shining just behind the next cloud.

And than the amazing friends old and new ones, friends I can go cycling with. Friends that make every hour that I don’t have to ride alone easier. The talks, keeping me out the wind, take me when I don’t feel like going, teaching me new things and giving me motivation to keep the challenge going. Today I’m off again, with my friends. Enjoying the company and fighting the elements and I love it!!

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