When a challenge becomes a challenge. That’s now! The evenings are getting longer, but are still short. 5 o clock and it’s dark. And 1,5 week ago I started my new job. And now I’m working till 4 ‘o Clock two days a week. And that means home between 4.30 and 5. I do like biking, but going in the dark is not my favorite thing. You really need to plan it, lights and everything. And I don’t see that well, being night blind. Next to that I’m finding it hard to get motivation when I get home that late. Just wanna be a couch potato! Enjoying Netflix and doing nothing. But no, I need to go. That’s what I agreed on. So I biked at night with lights and everything and I installed my Tacx so I can bike inside. Boring.. But you have these amazing programs to make it more challenging to bike inside. More on that later! So I’ll manage.

When I’m writing this I’m at school and looking out of the window. Where I see this amazing sunny weather, perfect to play outside. But tomorrow I have another chance. And for now, I’m just enjoying the view. And I’m thinking: A┬áchallenge is only a challenge when it’s challenging!

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